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“I wish to thank Steinway & Sons for your wonderful pianos which I have been privileged to play in all of my concerts. There is no piano in the world like a Steinway.”

Evgeny Kissin

Born in Moscow in 1971, Evgeny Kissin made his name early with a talent that far surpassed the typical Wunderkind. After many early milestones including an appearance playing both Chopin concertos with the Moscow State Philharmonic at age twelve, he has become — seemingly without difficulty — one of the finest adult pianists on the world's concert stages. 

Kissin’s amazing finger dexterity and power have drawn great acclaim and stationed him as a child of the great Russian piano tradition. His performances are dramatic and beautifully judged from a musical standpoint, and Kissin delivers every performance with an electrifying stage personality. He tours widely, and his records are eagerly awaited by fans around the world. 

Kissin has been a Steinway Artist since 1990.

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